How are you screwing up your screwing chances?

(Answers to the top 5 dating app questions)

Are you ready? Because you are about to find out why you’re failing in the dating world, and it ain’t about you being ugly or something. It’s because the dating world has certain rules (more like guidelines) and you aren’t following them.

The 5 most often asked questions people have about dating apps are:

How to get noticed?
What to say once you’re noticed?
What kind of photos should I take?
How to keep the conversation going?
How to close?

and believe it or not all of these questions have very straightforward answers. Don’t worry, I’ve got just what you need to fill up that inbox with responses and have a long list of matches. Just keep reading and apply what you’ve learned.

1. Change your bio

Your bio should describe you in a short but fun way. It should be different than any other bio. Even if you have really boring and mundane life you should make it sound exciting. For example: unemployed? Write that you are a Pajama testing engineer. Be creative, make her laugh.

2. Write something unique

Your opener is really important. She gets so many messages with the same text “hey”. Don’t be boring, try something creative, get out of your comfort zone. You can comment about her photos or bio (not her look tho). But if you have problems with your creativity, here are some examples:

– Sometimes I feel like I am an unreliable narrator in my own life story. Know what I mean?

– I think people should always lead with something more than “Hey.” I mean, like, put some effort into it, you know?

– My mom will kill me if she finds out I messaged you.

3. Change your boring photos

You’re wondering why your friend Johnny is killing it on tinder and you can’t get even a decent match. I’m gonna be honest, it ain’t about the looks. It’s about your photos. They are too boring to look at! Women like to see you have some fun in life. That you have friends, enjoyment and hobbies. Not just a few selfies in a dark room with a creepy look on your face that screams “please like me”. What do you expect her to think after seeing this?

But fear not, because I’m gonna explain exactly what kind of photos you should have on your profile to bring you the girls you want. Only the right photos can get you noticed.

The first should be the one that represents YOU. Who you are and what you like. Show your passions and hobbies. Something that stands out from the crowd.
The second should be with your friends (preferably female) to show that you have a social life.
The third photo can be with a pet (yours or your friends) to show your gentle and nurturing side.

4. Keep the conversation going

After the opener keep the conversation going with fun questions about her. What she’s doing for a living, why she chose that particular college, 3 things to describe her as a person… Than comment on that with fun and non needy vibe.

5. Close successfully

If you see the conversation is going well and she is showing interest ask her for her Instagram (not her phone number yet) and then continue the conversation there. The close should be light and with no pressure, for example: “you sound like a fun person, I would totally grab a coffee with you tomorrow. What time are you free? ”

Hope this helped. Good luck!


Many times when lovers say to each other “i will make up to you”, they mostly mean in bed, and With time they begin to rely on it to pay their bills, wipe out their sins, have their opinions adopted and goals achieved. And it works! — at first.

Truth is, sex may be an amazing way to boost your relationships, but it is not elastic enough to cover some wounds and fill some vacuum.

Bad relationships may be strained due to factors that have little or nothing to do with sex, such as past experiences, inadequate communication, serious character issues, conflicting life goals or even health issues. How on earth will sex solve any of those? Better still, imagine if your partner lost the ability to have sex for the while, or there is a distance between you two, will you pend the problem till you can have sex or end the relationship because you cannot have sex at the time?

Now let’s talk logical reality. It has been proven by research that more sex does not only lack the ability to brighten the bliss in a relationship, but also has the tendency to dampen it over time. Besides, turning sex into your sacrificial tonic may eventually slap your relationship’s autopsy right in your face. This is because you increase the sex, thinking it as the tool for you to perform your duty, which is to try to fix your bad relationship. This will not put out the fire, but may only postpone the explosion. It could also worsen your interest in the relationship altogether, as unwanted, involuntary, obligatory sex lowers happiness.

It is understandable that you are doing this because of your affections for your partner. However, sex in your relationship is amazing only because it is affectionate and it is an expression of love by physical contact. However, before you come running to sex, how about you extract those affections and use them to fuel far more reliable methods of fixing bad relationships?

Yes— exactly my point! There are better and more reliable ways to fix your bad relationship than salacious gymnastics. You could do yourself some good by scraping all your affections into a sizeable tank, and pumping them right into the recommended steps below:

Try to understand each other: You can achieve this by evaluating each other’s personality traits and peculiarities. This will help to determine the best approach to the issue.

Talk about the issue: Communication is key, find out what each person wants, that way you can determine the problem. While doing this, argument must be avoided, even if it will require a third party

Negotiate and reach a compromise: After determining the problem, each person determines their role in fixing the relationship. This may include stepping down on some rights or taking up more responsibilities

At this point, one can now resort to more sex as a solution or a catalyst of it, only when it is revealed to be the problem, or a catalyst of it.